About DIRA

DIRA Membership

DIRA is an active network of developers, suppliers, customers, end-user institutions, educational institutions and authorities with an interest in robotics. Hereby, DIRA provides a unique platform for its’ members to network and influence the development within an area that has great impact, potential and relevance throughout societies worldwide.

There are several benefits in being part of DIRA:

Strong corporate ties

You will become part of a network with more than 215 members from the entire value chain. As a member of DIRA you are never alone facing automation challenges. DIRA arranges regularly company visits where members get the opportunity to experience how different companies utilise robot technology.

Get an overview

DIRA’s webpage provides the visitors with an overview over the market and an overview of the newest knowledge and the latest activities in the automation industry. As a member of DIRA it is possible to use the webpage as a marketing channel where members can create and publish news and events. Furthermore, the webpage provides the visitors with a great overview of the robot industry through our “Vidensbanken” (bank of knowledge) and events from the entire industry. It is also possible to search between our members in order to find the companies who can help you continuing on your automation journey.


As a member you get the opportunity to join professional events, network events, fairs, and business trips.


All employees, no matter the position, of a company can benefit from the membership of the company.

Close to the industry

DIRA arranges regularly company visits, which give the members an insight of how others use and benefit from robot technology. If you are a production company, you can join one of our network groups. Read more here.


DIRA represents suppliers, integrators, and educational institutions and creates a strong foundation for good dialogues and possible collaborations in an organized and professional community.

Other DIRA initiatives

DIRA awards  “DIRA Automatiseringsprisen” and DIRA Teknologiprisen (award for automation and technology) once a year. DIRA is the officially Danish supplier of data to the international IFR-statistic, which World Robotics produces once a year. DIRA Business is an event involving robots! It is organized and hosted in collaboration with Danish Technological Institute ROBOTBRAG in Odense. Only members of DIRA can exhibit on the event. DIRA is a member of the fair committee for hi- and Automatik-messen. DIRA’s members can through DIRA achieve several of benefits including discounts as an exhibitor.

DIRA’s webpage and newsletter provides you with a great overview of the industry via member news and industry news. DIRA sends frequently online newsletters including informations on coming events, conferences, company visits and others. The newsletter also includes current news from the industry of robot technology and automation. DIRA events will be announced continually and will appear in the calender.


Get the company profiled and actively participate in events.

Company membership price per calendar year8500 kr. DKK

The prices are excluding VAT and covers one calendar year.

Are you a start-up company with a CVR-number that is under four years old?

DIRA offers the first year (calendar year) of membership free, second year half the price. After two years the membership will be at full price. The start-up company must be younger than four years and must not be a dealer office or similar. For more information please contact the secretariat.

Contact the secretariat for more information about DIRA membership.

Please note that termination of the network must be done in writing to the secretariat before the end of a calendar year. 

DIRA Contact Information

Forskerparken 10F
5230 Odense M
Tlf: +45 72202737
E-mail: info@dira.dk

Att: Kathrine Viskum
Tlf.: +45 72202073

Att: Søren Peter Johansen
Tlf.: +45 72202859